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Nicole Bernadette [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nicole Bernadette

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(no subject) [Oct. 18th, 2005|03:05 pm]
Nicole Bernadette
Friday night in Jackson, Michigan.

The garage-punk-metal band The Nulls rocked Jackson's Thunderbird Coffeehouse last night.

Despite the town's obsession with something homecoming-like, the coffeehouse drew a decent crowd and The Nulls did not dissapoint.

This was, no doubt, their best performance.

Lead singer, Diana, was in top form-nailing every high note and belting out each grungy lyric.

Lead guitarist, Joe, complimented Diana's feminine tones with freakin' awesome rage.

And, the drummer...Oh lord, the drummer. Grrrowl.
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(no subject) [Jun. 2nd, 2005|04:01 pm]
Nicole Bernadette
New Laptop:

It's running so slow. I forgot how pampered I was w/Keun's computer. I've removed as many programs as I felt safe I could remove, but there are still a lot of programs running in the background. My modem connection is high, but web navigation is slow-I assume it's all the programs that I can see running in task manager. I'm not sure what I can get rid of...I'll probably just have to wait until I see Keun or Akash.
This is the most I've written in months.
I wanted to go to a poetry reading Tuesday night-Ed's suggestion-but Ed came home grumpy and didn't want to go anymore. I should have went without him. Even if the vast majority of poets sucked that could have still led to inspiration.

I wrote a poem the other night...or at least I tried to write a poem. There was a horrible band on stage at the
Elbow Room in Ypsilanti and I opted to write instead of listen.

Broken-eyed coffee girls
piss me off
In a room full of tea-drinking whores
a shot of jack in between my teeth
I resent feeling like the intellectual.

I know, it's not very good...and I think I've ripped off Charles Bukowski-I'll have to read through his stuff again to make sure.
At least I wrote something.
I should rewrite Outis Hickus...Kenny Baum's story. I half-assed it the first time.

Damn this keyboard's tiny.
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(no subject) [Mar. 8th, 2004|09:38 pm]
Nicole Bernadette
You are compassionate and independent. You're the
kind of tree who wants to help other trees find
themselves in a crazy world you know all too
well. You love the gentler side of nature and
like things simple and elegant. A night owl,
you like things peaceful all the time and are
often vexed when others invade your solitude.
You love the water as much as the land, feeling
at home in both. Often shy, you always want to
do things right, and crave attention every now
and then. You fear that what you love most may
one day turn on you, but it doesn't stop you
from getting close to others. You are a good
listener and other trees often come to you for
advice or someone to talk to. You admire others
who freely share themselves. When you leave the
world, you want others to remember your example
and follow it.

What's Your Inner Tree?
brought to you by Quizilla
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(no subject) [Mar. 4th, 2004|11:16 pm]
Nicole Bernadette

I am 77.5% British, just like
Michael Caine
Though you know your way around London you are most likely to retire to the West Coast of the USA.

Take the Brit Quiz at

Quiz written by Daz daz71
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25th an' Oakley, 1966 [Feb. 27th, 2004|10:14 pm]
Nicole Bernadette
"Ya know that Jaggoff across the street?"

"Yeah, that cocksuckin', motherfuckin, son of a whore. I wouldn't give him the sweat off a'my balls if he was dying of thirst."

"They got 'em last weekend; zippered 'em from collar ta cock."



"Who's runnin' da laundry now?"

"Well, we figure his old lady."

"That's a nice piece of ass."

"It's a lot o'ass, is what it is."

"Then it's alot of nice ass."

"Yeah, I guess."

"You're god damn right it is! Anyway, how she holdin' up?"

"2 Jameson an' a Pabts. Why don't ya ask her yerself?"

"Nah...maybe after another whiskey."

"Want me ta send one over?"

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(no subject) [Feb. 13th, 2004|09:44 am]
Nicole Bernadette

You're One Hundred Years of Solitude!

by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Lonely and struggling, you've been around for a very long time.
Conflict has filled most of your life and torn apart nearly everyone you know. Yet there
is something majestic and even epic about your presence in the world. You love life all
the more for having seen its decimation. After all, it takes a village.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

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(no subject) [Feb. 13th, 2004|09:43 am]
Nicole Bernadette

You're Thailand!

Calmer and more staunchly independent than almost all those around you,
you have a long history of rising above adversity.  Recent adversity has led to questions
about your sexual promiscuity and the threat of disease, but you still manage to attract a
number of tourists and admirers.  And despite any setbacks, you can really cook a good
meal whenever it's called for.  Good enough to make people cry.

Take the Country
at the Blue Pyramid

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PREEMPT! [Feb. 9th, 2004|03:17 am]
Nicole Bernadette
Where the fuck does he get off worrying that he's going to hurt me? I'm an adult, he doesn't have to worry about how his actions are going to effect me in order to prevent hurt feelings.
yes, it's sweet and endearing, but jesus mary and st. bloody fucking joseph, can't he just accept that he's going to feel bad and I might, MIGHT feel bad, and bloody hell WE'LL GET OVER IT!

His depression is going to be something for him to deal with and for him to worry about and he doesn't NEED to worry about worrying me, it's not doing any fucking good!

angry, wow
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The Olive [Feb. 8th, 2004|10:34 pm]
Nicole Bernadette
The Olive

Drew leaves the bar,
taking his martini glass with him.
perhaps he’d rather not be alone in the bathroom,
wanting at least an olive for company.
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Dr. Death Found Hanged in Prison Cell [Jan. 13th, 2004|11:04 am]
Nicole Bernadette
"Although his motive for the killings was not entirely clear, the report concluded that Shipman began ending the lives of terminally ill patients and then moved on to patients that he found annoying or uncooperative."
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